They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for Lawn & Limb Landscaping, no set of words ring truer. Although we present customer testimonials and you can read the glowing online reviews about our affordable and high quality landscaping services, we believe that photographs do our work more justice.

Notice how we adapt our landscaping designs to meet the unique lawn care needs of our customers. The rich verdant color of our Richville, MN lawns is a direct result of the seeding, sodding, irrigation, and fertilization services that we provide for our customers. Many of our customers review our website photographs and decide to go the route “I want my lawn to look like that!”

In fact, we recommend that our customers review our photographic portfolio to get a better idea of what they want from our landscaping services. The right picture worth a thousand words can get you started on the road to a healthy lawn that your neighbors will envy.